Media & Technology Group Joins the York County Economic Alliance

We are thrilled to announce that Media & Technology Group has officially become a member of the York County Economic Alliance (YCEA). As part of our continued commitment to community and economic growth, we believe that our partnership with the YCEA will serve as a significant milestone in our pursuit of shared prosperity in York County.

The York County Economic Alliance

For those unfamiliar with the organization, the YCEA is an entity that combines the best of a Chamber of Commerce, an Economic Development Agency, and a Main Street organization. They serve as the primary business resource for York County, facilitating expansion, funding, redevelopment, networking, business-to-business promotion, advocacy, and workforce development, among many other services.

Since its foundation in 2012, YCEA has been a beacon of hope, innovation, and prosperity for businesses, education, and government, leading with a common vision of prosperity. YCEA stands tall with its mission: “York County Economic Alliance drives York County‚Äôs economic growth by leveraging the collaboration, resources, and expertise needed to create sustainable prosperity.”

How YCEA Serves York Pennsylvania

YCEA offers a wealth of resources and serves as a single source for action and information that aids businesses, education, and government in creating a flourishing commerce environment and building stronger communities. From assisting companies in relocation to York County to providing networking opportunities and professional development programs, YCEA plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth of York County.

YCEA is also heavily involved in strategic development initiatives to enhance the local economy. These range from traffic adjustments, redevelopment, neighborhood enhancements, and technology enhancements to a broad variety of projects that aim to improve the quality of life and the economic landscape in York County. Notable efforts include the Codorus Creek Beautification Initiative and numerous tourism projects.

Proud to Support YCEA

At Media & Technology Group, we are proud to align with the YCEA’s mission. By joining YCEA, we are not only investing in our growth, but we are also contributing to the flourishing commerce environment and stronger communities that YCEA seeks to build in York County.

We look forward to participating in the YCEA’s numerous programs and services, contributing to their ongoing initiatives, and utilizing our own expertise to aid in the development of our beloved York County.

Join Us in Supporting YCEA

To all the other businesses operating in York County, we encourage you to consider joining the YCEA. Membership offers numerous benefits, including access and marketing to a larger population of companies, a bigger pool for group buying power, and the opportunity to participate in new and unique programs and services. Additionally, membership is 90 percent tax deductible as a business expense.

In joining the YCEA, you can not only benefit your own business, but also contribute to the collective growth and prosperity of York County. Together, let’s drive York County’s economic growth, fostering sustainable prosperity for all who live and work here.

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