Track Time & Stay Compliant

  • Contactless clock-in from mobile app and remote accessibility on web/tablet
  • Gather important health & safety input from your team members
  • Track breaks, tips and overtime to ensure staying compliant as businesses start to ramp employees back up
  • Manage timecard edits and streamline payroll with customizable timesheets as new employees get onboarded
  • Directly integrate with top payroll companies so the time/focus can be spent on re-starting

Keep Your Team Safe and Compliant

  • Health checklist that employees have to complete after clocking in
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Easy to view health report for management
  • Customizable alerts for managers notifying if employees indicate they have symptoms

Replace the Paper Schedule

  • Easy online & mobile schedule builder with access to real time edits, time off requests & preferred availability
  • Keep labor costs lean while acquiring new standards for sales vs labor
  • With daily changes, offer more ways to communicate the schedule to ensure employees know when they are working
  • Utilize shift notes for daily tasks and optimized task lists ie; new cleaning practices and covid-related changes

Improve Team Communication

  • Free iOS and Android apps for managers and employees to handle immediate communications faster.
  • Send recurring company-wide messages in order to share operational changes, wellness checks, and even shout-out team members to keep morale
  • Real-time labor costs, on-time arrivals late alerts and shift reminders to remain in control of additional costs
  • Trade shifts, get instant coverage and change schedules on the fly
  • Keep managers in check with daily changes and updates through manager logbook

Streamline Employee Hiring

  • Utilize over 200+ pre-written job descriptions when ready to hire new staff
  • Post to major job boards in under 60 seconds for free
  • Organize all candidates in one central place including existing layoffs/furloughed staff
  • Leverage text to apply to capture social media and drive-by traffic

Keep Your Employee Docs Up to Date and Organized

  • Customizable new hire packets
  • Ability to upload and store employee documents in Homebase
  • Require acknowledgement or signature
  • Status updates to help track completion